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I see you have stumbled upon our graphics journal! We created this journal:
  1. in hopes of expressing the creativeness in ourselves.
  2. and there doesn't seem to be a community that has both anime and non-anime (ie celebs, movies, etc) graphics, so we thought this would be perfect ^^
  3. and lastly for you all to enjoy the graphics.

Just a few rules to follow:


  1. You need to join the community to view/post entries.
  2. Give the designer credit for their hard work.
  3. Do not claim/steal/customize any of the graphics. Ask the designer to customize it. Unless it is a base.
  4. Requests are to made in the request forms. See sidebar for more information and read rules.
  5. Under no circumstances are you to go to the maintainers journals and ask them for requests regarding graphics for this community. That's why we have this community up.
  6. No hotlinking pls! Theft of bandwidth is frowned upon. You will be banned (after one warning).
  7. Check Memories for past updates.
  8. Comment and enjoy! ^.^


coming soon!

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~ wakizashi_
If you would like to be affys just contact us. ^.^

If you have any comments/questions you can ask the two managers and maintainers:
E-mail us but pls put in your subject the community name "Haven Designs" otherwise it will be deleted by accident.

Thank you.


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- Forbidden Fire (closed)

- Angelic-Trust[dot]net

- Pootato

- Unknown Brushes

Coming soon!